moments before the wind.

July 2, 2005


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I woke up this morning thinking about Woody Guthrie. And Shakespeare. For various reasons, they both were swimming around somewhere in my head when I awoke to a healthy blast of KEXP at 6:30am. I guess it has something to do with whatever I was dreaming about. Anyways, the point is…a random thought…but what if the people whom we canonize have certain characteristics in common not because they inherently share certain personality traits but because we ascribe certain elements of character to them? "We," of course, being any combination of zeitgeist, pop culture, or simply personal preference and empathy.

and now for a little musical opinion: Mars Volta- WOW. Frances the Mute is everything fantastic about Muse, Jeff Buckley, and yes, even Radiohead. All the bad parts, the trance-y, spun-out whiny-ness is conspicuously missing. It's near-perfect, in my opinion.
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