moments before the wind.

January 1, 2006

it will only, it will only

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I'm having thoughts about the universality of experience. If you take some time in a public place simply to eavesdrop, you will find that most people all talk about the same things.

What do I mean? Well, for a time-sensitive example, the proliferation of end-of-the-year music lists. –enter rant— Could they be more annoying? Maybe I spend too much time reading newspapers and magazines and blogs, so the fault is partly mine. This is where I include some kind of disclaimer about how I succumb to the pressure only because its the time of year, and a little indulgence cant hurt, and everyone else is doing it so why cant I, etc, etc. But no, I really won't post a list. How anyone could possibly come up with a top ten list of albums, much less songs, is beyond me. –exit rant–

But I guess everyone talking about it is better than everyone not talking about it. Oh, and this extends way beyond my highly critical opinions about music. How many conversations have I overheard about bad cell phone service, or the new smoking ban, or the truth about how much it actually rains in Seattle?

I've been known to sit on a bench or a stair, write down parts or wholes of sentences that I hear people speak as they pass, and then turn them into a song. What inevitably happens is that in some way, the song makes sense of what otherwise was an occurrence wholly unrelated to my experience. But, you'd be surprised how easy it is to take a random suggestion and bring some kind of meaning into it (or draw it out? not sure).

It's pretty obvious, then, that people really do find common threads of experience in each other's thoughts and words and everything else. When it comes down to it, we do all speak the same language. And we are all living lives made of the same stuff, in different permutations. This is what makes the power of music so important, because it provides ways for people to connect on a level of understanding that transcends everyday life. Or, if you're me, it actually sort of defines everyday life.

So anyways, the truth is, I think, that everybody's having the same conversation. It's like a fabric, woven of all these different materials that are interconnected in ways unimaginable but truly felt, all the time.

enough countertop philosophy for today. that'll be 10 cents. happy new year.


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