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March 3, 2006

can you see them?

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I was going to post about Chuck Levin’s today and the general gear-mania and how that applies to various gender stereotypes, but since sitting down for my daily love affair with the internet, I’ve discovered something great and I wanted to share. I’ve alo had some coffee and this may add to my excitement.

Sonicbids. I’ve known about it for a long time; many artists have sumbitted their EPK’s (electronic press kits) to places I have worked through Sonicbids, and I’ve seen lots of ads about it and things. However, I always had this lingering frustration with it; I guess it’s taken a long time for me to become really adept at dealing with digital music. To be honest, I’m still not that accepting of it, but I’m much more likely to listen to a clip on my computer than I ever have been before.

So today I created a Sonicbids account, and I am now the proud new owner of an EPK. Here’s the link.

It never made sense to me why artists sent their EPK’s to record labels. As a person who was often on the receiving end of that stuff, I never paid attention to the emails; I know it sounds strange, but packages in the mail were much more demanding of my attention. Maybe because they are tactile. But, as we all know, the personal hang-ups of the A&R person is really all that counts when it comes to getting someone’s attention. So this isn’t why I opened an account. I discovered that through Sonicbids, it’s ridiculously easy to submit music to festivals, competitions, conferences, promoters, and other media people that could potentially like it and talk about it to more people. Um, SWEET?! It’s not that one couldn’t undertake these activities out of their own accord, but it’s all compiled and organized and easy to pay for things– too easy, like Seattle public parking meters!

Unfortunately, none of it is free, but then again neither is mailing CDs. I was actually forced to open a Sonicbids account against my will, as I had no other way to apply for a certain Seattle-area mega musicfest. A sly marketing technique, yes, but it has also opened my world just a bit wider, so it’s not all bad.

Of course there’s no guarantee that the people on the receiving end of my future EPK blasts will care any more about it than I ever did. Karmic retribution pops up in the strangest places. Or the most obvious ones.

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