moments before the wind.

March 19, 2006

if you don’t, the devil will

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I saw "Walk The Line" yesterday and I had pretty much exactly the reaction I thought I would have. I was too wrapped up in the authority of the impersonations to just sit and watch the movie. My complaints rest with the complete dissimilarity between Reese Witherspoon's and June Carter's voice, and also with the ignorance of all parts of Cash's life other than his romance with June Carter. Not total ignorance, but too much.

If people wanted to make a movie about an epic romance between hugely famous musicians, they could do one about Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, and they should call it "Tomorrow We Will Still Be There." Brother Adam says it should be called "20,000 Roads." Anyways, talk about melodrama, and true unrequited love. The musical collaboration turns into (or is fueled by) a desperate love affair; their eventual paramount recording "Grievous Angel" would be completed just short of Parson's overdose at age 26 in Joshua Tree National Park.

The album itself could tell most of the story. The re-release version, "GP/Grievous Angel" could frame the entire movie. There's no happy ending, but a sort of purity of intentions – kept pure by the untimely death. Who would be the actors? Musicians or actors? Because of my doubts with Phoenix and Witherspooon, I'm inclined to think it should be musicians. Musicians who want to and can act. Hmm.

Am being kicked off the computer. More later.


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