moments before the wind.

March 22, 2006

but there’s no reasoning

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On the bus yesterday I eavesdropped while two sixty-ish women talked about SXSW. The women did not know each other, but in the course of the twenty minute bus ride they attempted to tell their life stories and connect over points of empathy or compassion. It was touching, really. One woman, the younger of the two, had spent the week in Austin at the festival with her husband, graduate student daughter, and college-aged son. Apparently, though neither of her children were participating in the festival, they are regular attendees because of mutual friends they have that live locally. Direct quote:

Younger Lady: We had to go to rock shows, like, six times in one day. And really, my husband and I were just happy to be with our kids, even though they were in this other, party party place. Luckily, there were a lot of musicians who got together in churches-

Older Lady interrupts: -and jammed? I love it when people jam in churches!

Younger Lady: Yeah, jammed. Lost of gospel and lots of jamming. I liked it with bluegrass. But I'm tired now and need some peace and quiet.

SXSW for the older set.
I haven't heard or read a whole lot about this year's fest. This is by far the most compelling review I've come across. Jamming in churches, gospel/bluegrass fusion- how great!


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