moments before the wind.

April 25, 2006

these must be the flags of freedom flyin’

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I have to post about this, just because I want to spread the word.

This is a blog to support the last-minute release of a new Neil Young album, Living With War. It is not a blog run by Neil Young, contrary to what some people think, as evidenced in the comments.

Amazing point #1: There are comments! How often do high profile bloggers enable comments on their blogs? Often, the rationalization is that with such famous people, the number of comments would be unruly and too difficult to moderate, etc. etc and so forth. Not this one. Just one example of practicing what you preach.

Amazing point #2: An internet campaign! a real, true, internet-based campaign. According to an alternately hilarious and articulate CNN interview with Young, the album was a rash decision as far as standard time frames are concerned. Reprise Records didn't know it was made until Young brought it to them asking for immediate distribution. So due to the slow manufacturing process, they've opted to go digital. Utilizing YouTube and Blogger are normal for people like me, and intelligent choices for people like Young's label camp. Especially when the message is about freedom of speech and democracy and the voice of the people. Young even outlined it in the interview: first they will publish the lyrics, then they will roll out streaming music from the website, then they will have the album available at digital retail, and then, finally, when it's ready (in May sometime), the physical CD will appear.

(Did I say May? Yes. That means the entire turnaround time is…a month. From recording studio to Tower Records. That's the kind of bold change that needs to be made.)

Amazing point #3: from "Flags of Freedom":
flags that line old main street are blowin' in the wind
these must be the flags of freedom flyin'

Thanks to Coolfer for the information.

I also want to add a link to this dicussion at the Slog about Pink's new protest song, "Dear Mr. President." Be sure to read the comments. My opinion is that its rockin' on two accounts. Gets the kids thinking, and also, hey, Pink can sing. who knew? Maybe one day she'll veer towards a more Lucinda Williams kind of grit, or a Chrissie Hyndes kind of rock. That'd be neat.

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