moments before the wind.

April 28, 2006

something tells me

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Today I'm, er, livereportingonsite from the Pop Music Conference at the Experience Music Project (EMP). I have a feeling that the panels and discussions of the next few days will be fueling a large amount of forthcoming blog content.  It's pretty exciting to take a bunch of self-professed, accomplished, happily nerdy music writers, mandate a certain amount of academic basis for argument, and let opinions fly. 

I was always an outspoken student with strong opinions.  I find it hard to participate as fully as most of the conference attendees because their constant espousal of obscure history puts them on a different plane than me – a definite competitive subtext of trivia(l) knowledge.  Also, my neurons need more time to think through connections than these people who have ten, twenty years of experience, banter and pitching behind them.  In a practical sense, I don't have the experience.  But I certainly have opinions, and some of them are even well-founded, too. 

The result in the past has been that I have these reactions to things that are said, I make notes, and later try to talk about it with other friends who then sort of just nod, smile, and file it under the category of "Ali's music opinions" and have no capability or desire to discuss; in short, I want to participate in the dialogue but I need time to process, and moments lets me do that.  So the next few days will be chock full of bizarre connections and relevant ideas about msuic and our wider culture.  For now, see for all the info.


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