moments before the wind.

May 3, 2006

after the garden is gone

Filed under: authenticity, folk, music, radio, reviews, writing — alimarcus @ 7:36 pm

I've started listening to KEXP during the workday again.  It's been really exciting because they are playing a lot of Neil Young's Living With War and Bruce Springsteen's Seeger SessionsI wrote about these albums on Riveted, the blog for Rivet, which is a fantastic cultural/arts-oriented magazine that I work for.  These albums have really captured something that resonates very strongly.  Earlier today I said that Springsteen (and Young also) make folk music relevant to a mass audience, in a way that it hasn't been since the 60's.  Or so I've heard, that is.

I wrote about folk music here and then later, here.  And I talk about it a lot.  After seeing John McCutcheon play last weekend in Town Hall which again reaffirmed my musical goals in life, and my conclusions about genre from the Pop Conference, I am really, really glad to hear this music on the radio.  It's proof, without explanation, that people are responding.  That music carries a message is a given, but that it's explicitly acknowledged for that very trait is…inspiring.  As someone who writes music, my reaction is: "What more could you possibly want?"


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