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May 8, 2006

more freely than wine

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There's a lot to bitch about when your CD player is broken. But I tend to see the sunny side, and in this case things are sunny indeed – all vinyl, all the time.

Right now I have on Let It Be, and it's just gorgeous. "Across The Universe" is so lush, so…Spector. The vocals are clearly fuzzy; I am sitting here wondering what this would sound like with today's technology. With the compression and the digital sound and the sharpness…I just doubt that "I've Got A Feeling" or "I Dig A Pony" would sound nearly as good if it was initially recorded in ProTools. And the crackling in the back of "Let It Be" feels like part of the composition.

I don't think there is anything new that can be written about the vinyl/CD argument. If Phil Spector has any sanity left, I'd be interested to know his take. I just find myself constantly reaffirming the wool-blanket, tucked-in satisfaction of vinyl. CDs are great too. I miss a lot of my music. I really need to buy a new CD player. In the meantime, I'm doing OK.

One more thing: how much of this album sounds like rockabilly? More than I would have expected.

[UPDATE: This Op-Ed in today's paper about the Apple vs. Apple suit sidetracks into a plea to save the Beatles' sound.]

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  1. Enjoying your blog. Got here from UtopianTurtleTop.

    It’s good to remember that recording engineers, and the Beatles themselves, saw the equipment they were using at the time as an obstacle. A lot lost mixing down to make room on the 4 track and to cram all of that sound onto vinyl. I would agree that the remastering of the Beatles stuff for CD has been done badly, and I too prefer the vinyl, but you can imagine the entusiasm of the re-mastering engineer upon hearing the master tapes, not realizing that the engineers we’re aiming at vinyl and compensating for it. Hence, too much seperation and high end on the CDs — not mushed together right. Blaring hi-hats! Very instructive on headphones, but not pleasing.

    Digital is just another medium, I think, neither good nor bad in itself. Problem being we (raised on vinyl) are trying to use the same techniques to the same ends, and the end media is very different. Guilty here having just made a CD w/ old german mics (overly bright to comepnsate for hi-end loss to tape), old english processors, and a 70s vintage console.

    Always dissapointed that I don’t come out sounding like McLennoHarriStarrMartin!



    Comment by Jay Sherman-Godfrey — May 10, 2006 @ 11:12 am

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