moments before the wind.

May 12, 2006

little things i should have

Filed under: authenticity, business, music — alimarcus @ 10:19 am

Last night, a dear, disillusioned friend proposed a new term. "It should be called the bullshitting industry," he fumed, "not the music industry!" I laughed, but I fear I found it funny for all the wrong reasons. I laughed because you can replace the word "music" in that sentence with anything you want. And then I recoiled from my cyncism like a dog discovering his own tail.

Not really a big deal, but it's definitely something to be careful of. The converse of such a jaded response is quite appealing, actually. It turns out that intimate knowledge of dirty behavior and fundamental faults makes one well-equipped to perservere. You know how they say that people who follow their passions do it because they don't have a choice? It's kind of like that, because, when you are so invested in the good things, the bad ones are like encouragement. It's the opposite of complacency. What is that word? Engagement. Participation. Innovation. Now I'm just spouting.


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