moments before the wind.

May 24, 2006

i’m sure you probably knew

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Pearl Jam released its video for "Life Wasted" under a Creative Commons license. I have been waiting to see who was going to step up to the plate on alternative licensing, and I'm not surprised that it's this band. No, not surprised at all.

When will major artists begin to license their music under CC? I've thought about it very seriously, and I ultimately have not been able to take the plunge: the phrase "non-revocable" is beyond daunting and even feels a bit threatening to me. Copyright protection seems a little bit superfluous, since a creator automatically owns the work they produce. There is something about the transfer of process, from one that has to do with producing work, to one that has to do with generating revenue. The age-old conflict between art and commerce will never go away; in fact, it's the interplay between the two that serve as the basis for a lot of significant interaction.

Here's the way I see it. Making money from art is possible – necessary, really. There is more to the art of music than the sound recording though. Is that such a ridiculous statement? In my mind it seems a perfectly normal assertion.

PS- I want the world to know that rubber stamps have redefined my experience of the world. Now you know.

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