moments before the wind.

May 28, 2006

dressed up for each other

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I had this idea about iPods. I don't own one, so I am not familiar with the kind of hand movements – twirling thumbs, really – that so many people are used to. A typical Mac product, it is user-friendly, but I still have to think about how to use it whereas for many people it is more of an innate, mindless task, like driving to work in the morning.

I do believe that nerves and muscle movements retain a kind of physical memory. My piano teacher used to tell me that there were three necessary elements for real dexterity on the piano: the brain, the fingers, and the connection between them. He always used to say, and now I experience this myself, that the fingers never forget; it's the connection between what your brain knows and what your fingers know that has to be strengthened, like a muscle. Recently I was playing with a friend's iPod and the physical memory in my hands responded not to piano keys but to – and maybe this is a result of me needing to use two hands – a Gameboy.

If iPod and Nintendo figured out a way to release all those old school games (and I mean the ones I know how to play) on an iPod – I would definitely buy one. No question about it. I would pretty much do anything for Super Mario Brothers, Paperboy, Marble Madness. Are there dealings between Apple and Nintendo? It's just the shape of the hardware that brought this up, but maybe there is something to that. Imagine how many people's hands would remember.


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