moments before the wind.

June 7, 2006

hey, hey, did we used to live here?

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Hyper-caffeination makes me contrary. There seems to be a growing body of people talking about the digitalization of media – books, music, art: is painting dead? Will the novel go the way of vinyl? Although just recently the Seattle Times had a front page ditty about how vinyl is actually coming back. Hah.

Books won't disappear. Most people will agree that no one has even come close to replicating the kind of experience one has, curled up in a chair, lost in another universe. Music is only a slightly different issue, because I truly feel like the computer is not a tool that people relate to on a personal level. I mean, it's like people who sleep with their cell phones in bed – that's weird. People curled up with digital instruments, feeling some kind of connection with humanity…nope, don't believe that will happen. Well, I don't believe it has happened. Maybe computers look too computer-y.

It goes beyond being about the album format, or the cover art – actually maybe it doesn't even get that far. The truth is far more simple: people need to be touching things. Art and culture are visceral experiences, no matter how you spin it. I'd like to look back in 30 years and see a kind of triumph, rather than a kind of downfall. People are rather alarmist about how digitalization will change the face of everything we know, or at lease manifest it in a radically different form, but if there really is a core spirit in there, it's not going to magically disappear. Clouds of smoke are just a result of all the blathering, while the real change has not reached the surface as of yet.

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