moments before the wind.

June 12, 2006

this is a movie of a screenplay of a book about a girl

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Woke up at 6AM to John Richards and Cheryl Waters opening the seasonal pledge drive for KEXP. Always an exciting week.  They are going to raise 425k in a week.  That's amazing. Everyone knows that towards the end of the week it gets tiring – the heartwarming stories, the cheesy commercials and the overhyped CD compilation. But at the very beginning, I have to admit, it was strangely exciting to hear those first pledges come in. I got an Empire Records feeling, which is about a thrice weekly event in my world, but nevertheless comes with a certain kind of goosebumps. You know the scene, where Mark jumps on the local news and spontaneously announces the party-to-end-all-parties, the throwdown that saves the soul and the lives of the souls that haunt. The spirally guitar riff brings in that Sponge song over the montage of skater dudes and poster-making and all that exciting preparation which precedes legendary events. So this morning, hazy as I was, I heard the lines "Will I wake up? Is it a dream I made up? Or is it just reality?" underneath the happy banter of John and Cheryl. I skipped down the stairs, hopped on my bike, and cruised down 12th Avenue singing "Say a prayer for me, for me…"

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