moments before the wind.

June 26, 2006

on my mind tonight

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Elvis has been in the air a lot lately. Last week I wrote a song called “Long Black Train” that kind of sort of came from Elvis’ version of “Mystery Train” which is  a Junior Parker song and also a Greil Marcus book. So when I played the song at the Hopvine I played a bit of the Elvis tune as an introduction, meaning to make the connection obvious. Instead I think I just confused people. Sometimes what makes sense in my head, or seems obvious to me, has no effect on other people. But I try. So last night I tried the song again somewhere else, and again there was a bit of a misunderstanding – “I liked that Elvis song you played!” – more than one person didn’t realize the transition. I’ll need to figure out something better.

Anyways, the audience last night wanted Costello, not Presley, but I did the Presley anyways, only to get to hear Costello later from someone else. Coincidentally, Costello was actually in Seattle last night, playing a show at a winery. It was altogether too expensive to dig up the funds, which upset me about a month ago but I have since gotten over it. I had forgotten that his show was to be June 25th, and I find it pretty cool that he was somewhere near here in the midst of all this Elvis boo bah.

I sincerely do wish that shows didn’t cost so much. I figure in that respect I am trying to do my part by keeping my own ticket prices low. $5 for an upcoming show at Jammin’ Java in Virginia. You should come. It will be quite a ride. Maybe I’ll try the Elvis thing again.

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