moments before the wind.

June 29, 2006

it’s too far gone, too far gone

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Yesterday afternoon I was so exhausted, just totally wiped, when I got home from work. I knew I had to do a million errands (upcoming  vacation) and there was just one thing I knew would keep me going: Mariah Carey.

Now, for those of you that up until this point thought I was a guy (and i know more of you are out there), it’s not true. I came of age in Mariah’s golden age – “Emotions,” “Always Be My Baby,” “Dreamlover,” “Hero.” How much time would I spend over at my neighbor’s house just waiting for a Mariah video to come on MTV? It never took too long. I never was into the other stuff, like the butterflies and whatnot, and not even really her music after, say, 1995 (Kurt Cobain eventually won that battle), but those songs – really. Yesterday it somehow made cleaning up my apartment and making all those phone calls doable, at a time when I really did not want to do anything.

This is just another reason why music is triple cool. It motivates, and it really influences your mood. On the flipside of things, if I am in a store or a restaurant and the music that is playing makes me cringe (imagine!) then it ruins my mood. I mean not for the entire day, but for those 3 or 4 minutes, I can’t really focus on anything else b/c the disbelief, or pain, of having to be in the same room is just too much.

And then there’s this thing that happened at work yesterday. We, like many Seattle-ites and beyond, frequently have KEXP on during the day. THis band called West Indian Girl (I think that’s it) had an in-studio yesterday and wow, were they awful. This wasn’t even the usual case of KEXP’s tendency towards the weird, or the super indie, or just something I didn’t like. This was a band with two singers who for some reason wrote in a lot of harmonies without addressing the fact that neither one of them can stay on tune. It was fingernail-scraping to listen to. Flat fifths, flat melodies, and a general yell-iness that did not help the shrill factor. OW. Maybe I needed Mariah to balance that out, like the jagged soundwaves had been reverberating in my head the entire afternoon and they needed a good swift kick in the pants to expunge them from my subconscious.

As I mentioned vacation starts today and there will be no blogging, either from the rainforest or the beach or the lavender mocha stand.  Have a lovely weekend; I know I will. Do you live in Seattle? Holy moly, it’s nice here, isn’t it?



  1. I get the same feeling when I’m listening to Alicia Keys. But eventho I didnt grow up in the Mariah “Era”, I still find her music very inspirational, my favourite is “Without You”. Whenever I hear that song, I just have to deeply breathe in…
    Have fun in your vacation!

    Comment by O — June 29, 2006 @ 8:31 am

  2. Happy trails! Seattle IS nice, and beach-sand-forest sounds even better right now.

    Comment by john — June 29, 2006 @ 9:51 am

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