moments before the wind.

July 8, 2006

strange continent immune to all reason

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Okay okay, I’m back, at least for a brief fortnight.

Little did I know that what began with Mariah Carey last week would continue on through a string of boisterous music, from Foreigner to Los Tigres del Norte. We were driving down the windy road from the Hoh Rainforest and I was struck with a thought that is still bouncing around.

And what a great drive it was. When “I Wanna Know What Love Is” came on, there would definitely have been sunroof dancing if my roof rack hadn’t been in the way. When was the last time you saw people hanging out of car windows belting out cheese? Does this scene seem a little out of place in the midst of an incredibly majestic, mossy neon green rainforest? It didn’t to us. We were having a blast.

But here’s the thing. One of my major problems with iPod culture is that people are missing out on the environment they live in. Walking around on the streets with the white wires hanging from their ears, cool as an iPod commercial, I always get the impression that people just aren’t paying attention. I cringe every time I start to speak to someone and i get that blank look, then the fiddling with electronics, and then, “what?” And have you ever seen the bikers with headphones on? That seems like a real bad idea.

Isn’t it true though that it’s not any different, cheese in the rainforest or iPods in the streets? Again, I realize that the portability of iPods makes it so much more prevalent, and just grossly out of balance. After all, we had just spent three hours hiking, frolicking in the glacial Hoh River and eating salmonberries. In comparison to everything else we were doing out on the Olympic Peninsula, the car sing-alongs couldn’t hold a candle. On principle it seems similar though. I think it’s always useful to be aware of what’s around you, especially in the most ordinary of circumstances.

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