moments before the wind.

July 20, 2006

you got me feelin’ emotions

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To answer the inevitable question, this time from somebody I’d just met (not an unusual discussion topic with strangers):

I don’t like Wilco because I don’t respond to two of the main elements of songs that are most important to me: the lead singer’s voice and the lyrics. Jeff Tweedy’s voice is boring. There’s nothing in there that does anything for me. And voices don’t have to be “weird” like Natalie Merchant or Adam Duritz for me to like them, but in this particular case, it just doesn’t. It sounds like every other guy in every other bar, and i guess that’s a part of the appeal. But not to me. And the lyrics have never resonated either. And trust me, I’ve been forced into a LOT of Wilco listening. People think I’m arguing just to argue, that I am too stubborn to ever admit otherwise.

But I’ll do that right now. “Bob Dylan’s Beard” is a kickass song. I love it.

Another thing. When I say I dont like a band, it doesn’t mean that I don’t think they are talented. If I don’t think a band has any talent, I’ll say so. But I am allowed to not like a band even if they’re the best musicians in the world. What Jeff Tweedy and Wilco have done in their career is admirable, sure. Groundbreaking? I don’t know about groundbreaking. But they know what they’re doing. They can sing on key. And they get a nice little groove on the songs that sound like big Beatles rip-offs (words aside, of course). And any band that’s been around that long deserves commendation.

People say their live shows are amazing. Even last night, someone said a concert was what pushed him over the edge. But you’ll probably not find me at one of those. I’d fall asleep.


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