moments before the wind.

August 11, 2006

born right in the doorway

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Coldplay! I never got to Coldplay when I was ranting and raving last week about music that really bothers me. Coldplay.

When the best way to describe a band is a mishmash of comparisons to other bands, it’s always a red flag. Take your pick – U2, Radiohead, Muse, Oasis – Coldplay hits on all of them, constantly. It’s never a good sign when one’s qualities in one way or another, are all obvious rip-offs of other, better bands. Don’t take this the wrong way; it’s not about the natural absorption of music in the sense that everyone’s ripping everyone else off. The distinction is one that I can hear much better than explain, but here I will try. The way Springsteen rips off Guthrie is so vastly different from the way Coldplay rips off U2, and here’s why: Springsteen does it in the spirit of a mash-up, connecting streams of relevance through appropriation; Coldplay is pure imitation. I just don’t hear that Coldplay is bringing anything of their own to the table, except for a little bit of that Ben Gibbard spinelessness. And you already know how i feel about that.

Blegh. People lay around and mope to Chris Martin’s whining just like they did to Ryan Adams before he released Cold Roses (one of my favorite albums ever), ever-searching for some kind of validation of ennui. No thanks.

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