moments before the wind.

August 11, 2006

i am the stuff of happy endings

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My boss was calling herself a crack diva last week and I’m beginning to understand what that means. At the Conor Byrne show I got this wacko idea inspired by Forrest Hainline just because I am so much enjoying his newfound moments presence.  And here it is:

There once was a cat named Forrest
Who can hold his own with a chorus
He has plenty to say,
all times of the day,
Guaranteed never to bore us.

Forrest can croon like a Fender
At least from what I can remember
The highs and the lows,
The ice and the flows,
He can always be a contender.

Forrest is also an author
Ad I don’t think he’s a father
But if he were,
I’m pretty sure,
With lotsa rules, he wouldn’t bother.

There once was a cat named Forrest
Who can hold his own with a chorus
And chapter and verse
He likes to converse
On my blog, and he never does bore us.

I was also listening, of course, to the other performers, who were all very talented. Check them out:
Kristin Connell – beautiful church-bell clear singing, rings with heart
Sean Bendickson – always reminds me of James Taylor
Central Services – sang an Aimee Mann tune, which earned instant brownie points with me
Bre Loughlin of Daylight Basement – power chords and angst, this girl loves the stage
Phil O’Sullivan of the Nouveau Rich – had to leave in the middle of this, was very sad about that. He has a Van kind of voice.

Being the critic that I am, I love the nights where I am actually impressed by the amount of talent that actually is out there. Also, writing limericks puts me in a good mood.



  1. This is the best damn site EVER!! Go on, tickle me flattered and keep rhymin’ my praises Ali. I don’ mind a bit 🙂

    Comment by Forrest — August 11, 2006 @ 6:36 am

  2. als–you rhyme exactly like your g-momma did—-key phrases and words. its amazing. my absolute best to Trees.

    Comment by bondawg — August 14, 2006 @ 8:37 pm

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