moments before the wind.

August 21, 2006

that difference is you standing before me

Filed under: country, music — alimarcus @ 7:54 pm

After work today I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some yums and some beer. In the car, I switched on the country music station, mainly because I’m trying to figure out where country went wrong, and every now and then a good song comes on too. “Lesson In Leavin'” by Jo Dee Messina came on, and I’m not sure whether it’s a good song or if I just have too many fond memories of 303 Metcalf, but I love that song. So I guess I was drivin’, singin’ along – “you’re the kinda man a woman thinks she can change/ but the only think changin’ is my way of thinkin'” – and I guess I took a turn a little to fast, and I hear this crashPOP! in the backseat of my car – the beer had slid sideways and into the car door and burst all over my car. Thanks, Jo Dee.

So now, even after i cleaned it,  my car smells like beer and I’m not going to be happy tomorrow morning when I get in it. This is what happens when you listen to bad music. Retribution. At least it was Mirror Pond and not something awful smelling cheap.

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