moments before the wind.

October 9, 2006

why were you so surprised?

Filed under: architecture, authenticity, music, writing — alimarcus @ 7:59 am

Well, the EMP Pop Conference has re-entered my consciousness, via a call for papers for the April event. I heard a rumor that it is free this year, which is quite interesting; if I remember correctly, the price of registration is actually cheaper than the ticket price for the museum. I wonder what the reasoning is behind it, if they’re trying to increase attendance, or diversify the crowd. Probably both.

One thing’s for sure – I wouldnt be writing about music if I hadn’t discovered the Pop Conference. And a second thing too – I certainly wouldn’t be blogging. We’re lucky in Seattle, we really are, to be able to walk on down to the smashed guitar and mingle with people who have written the score of our inspiration. Or at least some of the notes. And you get to see alllllll these other people who are just as caught up in it all. They are students, they are musicians, they are journalists, novelists, professors – you name it. It’s a real treat.

This year’s theme is I think the most vague one yet – something about music, time and place. That’s like a horoscope: one could fit anything into that language. All of a sudden I feel like I am back in my Race, Space, and Culture architecture class, and I have the option to write a paper on anything I want as long as it relates to the general topic…like a kid in a candy store, really. Race? Space? Culture? Similarly, Time? Place? Music?

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