moments before the wind.

October 18, 2006

thunderstorms will make you feel so small

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The album is called “Miles and Miles and Miles” because every song on it is in one way or another about places, distances, all ways, here and there, coming and going, traveling and being in one place or another. Once I wrote this song and I called it “Places I’ve Been This Semester” because I chronicled a bunch of trips and what they meant, at least inside my head, and I think that somehow I never really stopped doing that. In one way or another, the songs are all places I’ve been. It’s not semesters anymore, but no matter. It seems like everyone is traveling these days, in one way or another, towards or away from things, or behind and in front of, above and below. The line “I’ve been walking for miles and miles and miles and miles” is sometimes how it feels, when you look around.

And when I look at the songs I left off, I see that it’s because they don’t fit in this category. I didn’t have words, two weeks ago, for why they didn’t fit, but I felt it and I can explain it now. I guess I will have to make a whole other album for those, and the ones not yet finished. And by then there will be more.

I do want to return to the other stuff, the Zune and the (PRODUCT)RED stuff and Bono in general. I’ve learned a lot lately about things that had previously not occurred to me, and as soon as I can complete the album stuff there’s going to be room in the brainwaves for everything else. It’s not too far away, so hang in there.

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