moments before the wind.

November 18, 2006

and it made me feel better

Filed under: architecture, authenticity, music — alimarcus @ 6:26 pm

One reason why people get so bent out of shape talking music is because it involves often a quite personal sense of self. Challenging someone’s musical tastes challenges their very identity. Or, even more to the point, a person’s inability to articulate why they identify with one sound or another reflects a perceived inability to articulate a very part of themselves. It’s threatening.

It’s also thrilling.

I had a professor once who said that identity was chasing the ideal. One’s concept of the ideal is actually appropriated within the self – something to both be and to strive for. This was in the context of a Baudelaire-heavy term, constant talk about the real and the ideal and the dichotomies of modern living. But think about it this way: if someone’s musical ideas is so closely tied to their identity, and their identity is partially based on a perception of something that doesn’t actually exist, the musical ideas are partly wishful thinking. Wanting something badly enough as to believe it is the truth. Does this discount their validity? I should hope not.


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