moments before the wind.

November 19, 2006

it’s night time the whole world can see

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Making a mixtape is meditation. Who could be so lucky to have three hours to spend doing something like this? Maybe Turtle Rock should start distributing mixtapes. Here’s the Thanksgiving 2006 setlist:

The Eels – “It’s A Motherfucker” (being here without you)
David Gray – “December” (what happened to the time?)
Sheryl Crow – “Members Only” (all the politicians shake their asses)
Eric Clapton – “Running On Faith” (what else can a poor boy do?)
No Doubt – “In My Head” (only in my head)
R.E.M. – “Swan Swan Hummingbird” (hurrah we are all free now)
Tracy Chapman – “Gimme One Reason” (baby i got your number)
Elvis Costello – “Tramp The Dirt Down” (all of the glory and none of the shame)
Joni Mitchell – “California” (will you take me as i am?)
Lisa Loeb – “Dance With The Angels” (well then embroider me in gold)
Jonatha Brooke – “Sally” (i do believe you can save me)
Bob Dylan – “Song To Woody” (hey hey woody guthrie i wrote you a song)
The Nields – “Memory Leaves Town” (leaving memory)
Sarah Harmer – “Oleander” (i think you’d better)
Barenaked Ladies – “Break Your Heart” (you arrogant man)
Fiona Apple – “Red Red Red” (what’s coming is already on its way)
Counting Crows – “Long December” (and there’s reason to believe)
Dar Williams – “The Beauty Of The Rain” (is how it falls, how it falls, how it falls)

Happy Thanksgiving.

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