moments before the wind.

December 4, 2006

you can be my peter pan

I opened a MySpace account this week, because I decided that it was time to try it out. I feel a little bit shamed, for so often having ranted about how shameless and silly the website is. I’ve decided, though, that it’s all in the way one decides to use it.

For instance, I got Bob Dylan to be my friend. And however ludicrous that truth may be, it is still thrilling! Small, flighty pleasures have a kind of value, even if we all understand that it has no basis in reality.

Also, I’ve always said that I am much more interested in having people on my own website, listening and downloading music off of a place that I own (or rent, anyways). But there are perks to MySpace – it unabashedly counts things that, like it or not, give an accurate picture of who is out there paying attention. So I’ve posted a preview track, from an album that has not been released yet, and I’ll be able to see just exactly how many people have even noticed. It’s a song about Bob actually, and Joan, and Rilo Kiley and James Joyce.

I do have to say though, there is an element of shamelessness here, because I’ve just finished recording an album that I am so proud of. So I DO want everyone to hear it. And maybe MySpace can help, without completely stripping me of integrity. I think it just might be possible.

But maybe you should see for yourself.


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