moments before the wind.

December 18, 2006

there is no rewind

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So there’s a short article in today’s paper about how big media, after scorning and threatening YouTube, is now trying to outdo them. The lesson of this story? Abandon all hope, ye who go up against the heavyweights, unless you can acquire billions of dollars with which to prove your worth.

The involved companies are only mentioned in passing, but we recognize them all: Viacom, News Corporation, NBC Universal, CBS. This is like every single traditional media company ever invented. That’s not true, but it is a hefty bunch. News Corp has MySpace, which has it’s own video thing that will be competing with whatever the massive conglomeration of effort is going to produce. And MTV has their own whole social networking thing that is normally considered a competitor of MySpace.

But here’s what I continue to find so ludicrous: incestuousity. All these companies are simultaneously fighting each other and trying to join together to fight everyone else. The more I sit and think about it, the more superficial social parallels arise. For instance, if you began to look at business mergers and venture from the perspective of, say, antiquated social economics, the whole mess starts to feel like emperors, queens, and interweaving royal families upon which national identity and safety depend. I don’t think I really have a concrete point to make about this, but just the fact that the herarchies and the distribution of information and relationships seem to be the same.

If we had known about the genetic consequences of so much inbreeding, do you think all that incestuous stuff would still have happened? And if not, what do you think we will find out this time around in the corporate business media world?


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